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I started this blog ten years ago today!! And it has been nine months since I last posted in it, having abandoned it because I've been blogging as elin_gregory instead! I feel all guilty now.

Ten years ago I was writing fan fic, illustrating fan fic and and listening to Bach and Nickelback.

What were you doing ten years ago this week?

UK Equal Marriage Consultation

Today is the LAST DAY to grab the chance of making your voice heard so please consider filling in the forms here, if you haven't already done so.

Ponies are evil

No they are!

This morning I took the dog out to he lane where the horses graze. He likes horses and watches them happily so he was quite content to join me in watching a group of 4 ponies ganging up on a huge black cob/gypsy-vanner cross that was stretched out sound asleep. The gang leader was a little bay job - welsh mountain stock in full winter coat so he looked like a fuzzy teddy bear - and he started off by nibbling the feathering on one of the huge hooves. Swipe went the hoof. Pony dodged and darted back in to nip cob's belly. Then they all crowded round, nosing and nipping and generally being obnoxious. It was about 2 minutes before cob let out a shriek and lurched to his feet. I dread to think what they had bitten. It was like watching an buzzard being mobbed by jackdaws except that once he was up they just sniffed noses and left him alone to graze.

I'm wondering now if it was because they could see me and the dog approaching and thought the cob ought to be up just in case we planned to eat them all.

So they might NOT be actually evil but they certainly looked it. For anyone who's interested, this is what winter coat can look like, but they can look like this when properly brushed up. dinky little miniature war horses. Just lovely.


It's been a while since I updated this one! Happy February! Erm, happy back end of February.

Ah, heck, it's winter. I've just been hanging out on the sofa near the fire, reading masses of good fiction, and few stories that left me bemused [no names no pack drill]. OTOH my first solo effort story is being published next month [and you really can't believe how surprised I am to be saying that] so I'll be able to bemuse people in turn.

So - still alive, blogging more frequently at elin_gregory, and waiting for the winter to end and my usual April burst of creativity. Roll on springtime.


Happy new one, folks. I hope 2012 brings you everything you could wish for in a properly guilt free fashion.

They say that the first minutes of the new year will be repeated throughout the year. I spent them eating Terry's chocolate orange, reading Pterry and cuddling a terrified and rather poorly dog who HATES fireworks. Dogs are such dustbins. I think he's stolen and eaten something that has disagreed with him but seems a bit more cheerful today. He has been to the top of Pen y Fal this morning anyway. Yesterday he didn't even want to go outside.

My garden is weird. I have the first snowdrop and the last white rose in bloom a few yards apart just by the back door.

Hairy Crudmas

I'm just going to toddle off and do Christmas, okay. Yeah, yeah, 'tis the season to be jolly and all that.

Have a brilliant time, those of you who do it. I hope you have exactly the type of time you could wish for *hugs* enjoy yourself and try not to get too stressed. I'll do that for you.

See you once the leftovers are gone!

The call of the wild

I love the way you can see the cute little fluff ball working it out in her fuzzy little noggin that she shouldn't be playing with a ball in her basket but should be pursuing caribou across the tundra. Apparently Sizz howls when we go out and leave him. Bless!

The walk this morning was brief, skatey and over as soon as Sizz had produced. Any day when the DOG falls over is one where I'm keen to put off the walk until the sun is high enough to have melted the ice a bit.

I'm having a quiet and leisurely morning. Last night we went to a friends house to sing carols and drink her ferocious cocktails. I politely declined the latter [wanting to be able to see today] but Paul and Jen enjoyed themselves very much. Possibly a little too much in Paul's case. My he was ill. I've had about 2 hours sleep firstly due to him being ill and secondly to him going to sleep and chatting about arrow making. Most of the chat is unintelligible but he drops enough proper words in to make it entertaining - "Mumble mumble NOCKS mumble mumble thirty inches mumble". Yes, I would sooner have been asleep but verbal arrowmaking is a vast improvement over the term time whimpering of "no no no no no". Roll on July!


One of the highlights of the British winter is black ice, which on tarmac looks identical to wet tarmac. Consequently, while walking the pooch this morning I marched merrily out of a puddle onto the ice and fell flat on my back. I must've lost a few minutes because an elderly lady who was in the distance when I fell was standing over me when I opened my eyes. She didn't know whether to laugh or be worried. I have bruises everywhere but the dog thought it was great fun! He loves it when we get down on the floor nd he can reach to lick us.

Another ow! Himself has decided to put a loft access in my writing space. I can understand the sense of it. When the plumber plumbed in the radiators on the top floor he made life easy for himself by putting water pipes across the other loft access so we can't reach anything that is stored up there [the man was an idiot]. So yes, it's a job that needs doing. But I wish he'd used dustsheets. Now I have books, papers, PC etc smothered in gritty Victoria plaster dust and bits of loft insulation, and a big hole in the ceiling through which a deluge of icy air streams and warm air wells up. I'd probably be more amused by this if I wasn't sore and achey and still a bit damp with dog spit.

2 things

Firstly, today my contribution to the Speak Its Name Advent Calendar is up. A little bit of fiction set in 1968.

And secondly Mike's home!! Briefly, bit it's grand to see him.


4 am call outs are the pits. I had to go to the museum last night at 10pm because an alarm had been triggered. Himself came too, with the dog, and one of the other custodians was there so himself and dog did a circuit of the castle grounds while other custodian and I checked inside the building. So that's 3 adults plus a huge black apparently scary dog.

Contrast that to the 4am call out where I decided not to try and wake himself [it wouldn't be possible even if it would be appreciated] and decided not to disturb the dog and arrived at the museum to find the alarm company hadn't bothered to call anyone else out. That place is so scary in the dark! Okay, so I'm a sissy and all too aware of the place's Horrible History. Good job the alarm was triggered by the wind and not some nasty toe-rag with a cosh and his mind set on the safe, wasn't it?

Now I am having self indulgent tea and toast with ginger and marrow jam, yum.


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